Friday, August 28, 2015

Early post...long evening

I am getting this post done earlier than usual since it is a football Friday. I want to watch S play in the band for a little bit. All of us but the oldest have been afflicted with sinus infections here at the ranch. We either sound like Sneezy the dwarf or one of Marge Simpson's chain smoking sisters. If I could crawl into bed right now, I would. Our church is also hosting a fifth quarter event for all the youth to come and play games and eat and have fun during and after the game. Safe fun for them and good outreach opportunity for church. That goes until midnight. If anyone sees me, it will be like the Tennessee version of the Walking Dead. I don't stay up late very gracefully.

Here's hoping for a fun and uneventful evening. Night all...I have to go re-Mucinex myself.

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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Mom goggles

I don't know if anyone else is a fan but I have said it before and I will say it again, I LOVE The Goldbergs. I can identify with that time period and I just love everything about it. One epsiode has been especially in my mind today. They talked a lot about "mom goggles". Mom goggles are used by moms who think their children are the best at everything and number one at everything and could never possibly ever be less than perfect at anything. We all use these goggles at one time or another, but sometimes there are people who have extra high powered ones:

I am guilty of having mine on from time to time. I sat at a sporting event with a mom today who had on high powered mom goggle readers. It was painful.

Here's the thing. I'm not perfect in any way, or form. Sometimes I need to put my mom goggles on more that I do. My children deserve a mom who stands up and says, "THAT'S MY BABY!!!". We can all do with a little goggle adjustment now and then...some stronger and some weaker.

Night all.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Sad day

We have been glued to the television today watching the sad developments of the slayings of the WDBJ7 employees. What a cruel world we live in that things like this happen. The hub and I lived in the New River Valley of Virginia for many years and are both native VIrginians. That station was our go to for all of our information, so when it pooped up on the newsfeed, I was curious. Such a senseless and sad end to two aspiring young talents. My heart is broken for their families and friends. Just such a terrible tragedy,

On sad days like this, I am so blessed to have children who provide moments of levity when I need them most. This gidl and her new companion are going to be the source of much levity and entertainment for the forseeable future:

We just need the boy and his father on board and we could have a nice little family band. I'm ready. Are you?

Night all.
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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Brassy girl

Now is the time of the year that our new 6th grader is trying out instruments for band. As a former baritone saxophone player for many years, I was excited for her to have chosen band at all. I must admit that I kind of hope she plays something different. I would love a saxophone player in the house, but she is testing well on brass instruments. I am very excited about that. G has the personality to carry off a brass instrument. I see her marching around with a trombone with a spring in her step. The high school band director told her today that the brass instrument she needs to play is probably a trumpet. I'd be okay with that as well. I have been playing her "Casino Royale" by Herb Alpert and the Tiajuana Brass so she could have something to aim for in the future. We'll see. I am hoping for trombone. Either way, I'm going on Ebay and finding a cheap version for myself so I can learn with her. The hub may lose his mind. Please offer him refuge if he flees to your home.

I'll keep you updated. Night all.

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Monday, August 24, 2015

Cub Scout mom night

Tonight I went with the boy to his den meeting witih scouts. This is usually the hub's area of expertise, but he was in another part of the church building planning for youth activities. One child was home and one was at middle school soccer practice, so I was the chosen guest at scouts. It was rather comical. There were six boys there...six boys who were unable to keep still the whole time they were there. They weren't being ugly or misbehaving. They just could NOT keep their arms and legs still. I kept shooting dagger looks at mine and mouthing "BE STILL" while he shot pained looks right back. The leader of the meeting asked the boy to show everyone the handshake and oath and motto and salute. He demonstrated all of them and then kept wiggling. "Son. Be still." He shot me a look, "Are you ever going to let me go to the bathroom? You said I could go after we introduced ourselves and that was almmost an hour ago. I'm dying." Hang my head in shame. He shot out of that room like a bat out of hell. He could probably have cut through concrete with the amount of force shooting out of his little bladder.

If there is a "Maintaining Control of Your Bladder" badge, my son earned it tonight.

Night all.

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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Put my editor's hat on today

The first essay of the high school career was assigned to the girl this week. While she loves to read like a book monster, she is not a fan of writing structured essays with a lot of rules. I don't blame her. I never did either. I was trained to write essays in the shape method...well that is what I call it:

Start with a general statement or two and then state your thesis. Give three supporting ideas for that thesis. Then restate said thesis and end with a general all encompassing last sentence. My English major/currently a managing editor friend and former roommate hated this learning device, but it served as a very helpful guide for me. My brother, a wonderful and very gifted writer and published guy, suggested the same model to our oldest as well. After she got all her writing done, I sat down to help her edit. It felt strange as my father did the same thing for me. Maybe I should include a Lion King clip at this point and start singing "The Circle of Life". I won't, but it has been running through my mind today. I feel for her. That first essay you turn in is always the most intimidating. Heck, her teacher may red pen that thing like a massacre took place, but at least she did her own work...with .000001% of editing help from her mother. I'm proud of her and she has learned a valuable lesson. Start early and don't rely on teachers to do what they say they are going to do, like help you with your paper in class. They may get sick and miss a good chunk of the week. Lesson learned.

Helllllooooo, bedtime!
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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Tagging machine!

I am about done with my Picky Chick entering and taggin for this year. I would love to have some high ticket items, but I am just glad to have things to put in there. Hopefully I will have a fair amount of success this coming week at the sale. As my mom always says, "Everything you get is gravy." It is true. We have been blessed with relatives who friends who have given us many things and have been quite generous with their hand me downs. I am grateful for the items and even more grateful that the money generated from their sales can be used to provide special treats for the kids that we might not splurge on otherwise.

I must go, friends. I worked Community Meal tonight and feel the need to wash barbeque sauce and beans off my arms. I feel overly sticky. Yuck.

Night all.

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