Saturday, April 18, 2015


I really want to talk about the day we had and the 40,000 meals we packaged, but I am so exhausted right now. It was a super successful day that I will expound upon tomorrow. RIght now I need to snuggle up with some children and get ready for bed before I have to work tomorrow. The excitement never ends.

Night all.

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Friday, April 17, 2015

My dogs are barking

We had a mission celebration dinner this evening at church. Several speakers who serve missions our church supports spoke and they all dined on a fine lasagna meal. I worked all day with Mr. D in the kitchen to prepare the meal. After school, the hub dropped the two youngers off with me and we put them to work. They prepared the desserts for everybody. They also helped run the dishwasher and set the tables. Then our representative for Stop Hunger Now, R, arrived and we started the process of unloading the truck and setting up the church gym for our event tomorrow. I cannot tell you how excited I am about doing SHN tomorrow. This is our second year at church doing it and they are so fun. But more than that, they are such a powerful way to fight the scourge that is hunger. I can't wait to share more tomorrow. Right now, I need to take some Tylenol or Motrin for my feet. The floors of that kitchen are unyielding.

Night all.

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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Taco tummies

It is a soccer night which means a late supper. The kids were all rumbly in their tummys and just super happy and delightful in their "weakened" hungry states. I have never been a super fan of the seasoning packets that you put on ground beef to make taco meat. It is the kind of flavor that you are tasting 24hours later and I really am fine not ever tasting it again. My oldest loves to have taco night and had been begging for one for a while. So, in trying to win my first Mother of the Year award, I bought that blasted packet and prepared a taco feast worthy of Cinco de Mayo. The kids came in from soccer practice covered in mud and exhaustion and ready to eat the placemats. Then they stopped in their tracks. "Do I smell tacos?", one asked. "Yes you do." In the words straight out of Monty Python and the Holy Grail, "And there was much rejoicing." Now the kids and their taco tummies are headed to bed and I am headed to find the Tums.

Night all.

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Rain, folding and Barney

I did not have a great's night sleep last night. I had ice cream for the first time in a whille and my body quickly told me that it did not appreciate that choice. It grumped at me for most of the meaty part of my sleeping time, so naturally I have been a sloth today. The rain hasn't helped either. I'll admit it right now, I got home from school drop off, put laundry in the washer and sat down on the couch. Conked out. I woke up, not really aware of my surroundings, and forced myself to get busy. I went to Kroger and Dollar General to pick up more cleaning and laundry supplies. I's getting wild up in here. After I took care of the dog, I went upstairs and put Netflix on with a constant stream of Andy Griffith Show episodes and started cleaning the bathroom. Then the kids' "apartment"(play room) as we call it. Then I folded socks and underwear. Socks, underwear and Barney Fife. What else does one need? Not much.

On a completely unrelated note, I can't even stand the sweetness in this picture:

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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Bed of torture

So when the hub and I decided to buy bunk beds yea many years ago, we realized very quickly that, while great for saving space in a small room, they were an instrument of parental torture when it came to changing the sheets. We have tried fifty different methods of changing them, but the only truly effective way is to actually remove the mattress put as much back on and then pray it doesn't slip off when you try to haul it back up top. We've shoved a kid up there to try and make it themselves. Not a great plan. Tonight I tried to pull the mattress off by myself as the hub was at a church meeting. The sheets had to be washed since they were full of sand that the boy was truly unable to scrub out of his head. This proved to be a scene worthy of Buster Keaton or the 3 Stooges. As I twisted the mattress around, the connected wooden slats started shifting as well and falling to the bed below like a bunch of the flat green roof slats in Lincoln Logs. This provided a smaller and smaller support for the rest of the mattress to lay on...which also caused me to panic. "GET IN HERE SOMEBODY!!!!" The kids ran in, assessed the situation and had a little chuckle with their mother holding the matress precariously balanced on what was the equivalent of a 1x4...maybe. You know know me and math. My oldest was very brave and got on the lower bed and replaced each fallen slat, knowing that the mattress could fall on her body anytime. It took one 43 year old, a 13 year old and a 10 year old to make a bed. The boy looked on with thanks and admiration. I need to go lay down now. Good grief.

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Monday, April 13, 2015

Bright spot of the day

Monday, Monday..... It wasn't a horrible day. I got laundry done and worked out and played with the dog and did my usual chauffeur duties. I read an evil but hysterical blog that recaps every 19 Kids and Counting episode. I just about wet myself whilst waiting for G's choir rehearsal to be over. Let me know if you'd like the link...just don't judge me too harshly.

Today I went for my weekly sojourn to the PO Box. When we went through the dry first few weeks, I decided to make my visit once a week so I wasn't looking every day. We have had some letters and postcards and the kids are thrilled. As always, they squirel them away to a drawer or under a pillow before I can take a picture, but today was different. I got a picture of the two jewels in the box from one of my three faithful readers, A:

She is obviously a woman of great taste, because anything with a pickle on it is money in our house. The boy quickly procured the pickle card about and has taken it to his desk to try and reproduce it. He belly laughed for quite a while. Thank you for the much needed bright spot on this Monday! Who doesn't love a good pickle...I mean really?
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Sunday, April 12, 2015

I quit

I am so glad my husband and children are back home safely from day two of the tournament. Both had losses, but it was okay with them. They could come home and rest for a while. S had planned to go to her choirs tonight and was ready, but her new bottom braces kicked into high gear and she was in agony. She looked like she would puke any minute and the thought of her singing hurt me. So she took a nap. I had two meetings that lasted way too long. That is all I will say about that.

I am just so frustrated tonight. I really want to quit. Not like quit with having a heartbeat, so don't get crazy. I just want to quit, run away with my family and never be seen or see anyone again. I am so angry.

I am going to bed to hopefully sleep my attitude off. Not feeling too positive about that happening.

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