Friday, October 31, 2014

Ready for a whirlwind

Book Character Day went off like a charm. I spent a bit more time at school today than I should have. I am a person who enjoys my routine and some scheduing, but not so much that I can't stray from it. Today I really needed to keep with a very strict schedule...which did not happen. School required a few more hours than I anticipated, which is okay. The kids were proud of their book costumes:

My fingers may never be the same from whipstitching, but the end result was fun.

The evening was a cold and wet one, not too conducive to trick or treat. We were busy enough taking S to school to play in the band at the football game. Two of the the children are going to be playing in frigid soccer games tomorrow, so they needed to keep warm. We may have to thaw the oldest out. In a felt poodle skirt with a pair of leggings, a shirt and cami and a raincoat, she will be an ice cube.

I'm off to bed and watch a little of Liev Schreiber in the remake of The Omen. I prefer the Gregory Peck one, but this one was a decent remake. A good scary movie on a creepy, cold night. Night all.
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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Crafting madness

As I stated last night, I have been crfting book character day "costumes" for the two youngers for TOMORROW!!!!! I have made some progress, but was thrown a curve ball this morning with having to get last minute treat bags together for a class and then having to use our street shared leaf blower before the rain, snow? and neighbor come to take it away for a few days. My whipstitching has been going a mile a minute and I was seeing the finish line. Then another curve ball hit that one child need some sort of Norweigian flag for their costume. Honestly? For once, my craft supply hoarding has been of some benefit and I at least have the supplies to make one. Guess Jimmy Fallon and I have a sewing date tonight. SIgh.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Book character exhaustion

Instead of calling it Halloween at school, they prefer to call it "Book Character Day".  Lots of the kids choose not to pick an actual book character and have to come up with or pay for two different costumes, I get gets expensive.  So instead we are left to imagine what a book about Monster High dolls or kid in the Jason from Friday the 13th costume without the ski mask would read like.  There are times when I really wish mine would take that approach and not want something out of the ordinary crafted two days before the event.  Such is life, so I am crafting two makeshift costumes for the two youngers in my home.  I will reveal the final products and their corresponding books on Friday because, as they have emphatically stated, we do not want to ruin the surprise...or deal with possible copycat artists out there.  Honestly, I can't imagine that many people would think to choose these books, so I think they are okay.  Let's just say that they involve a lot of fabric glue, hats, tiny pieces of felt and shoddy embroidery skills.  But if I can pull them off, they will be pretty darn funny. Speaking of that, I must away to the crafting table.  More pieces are awaiting construction.  Night all.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


I don't have a whole lot to say tonight. I am working on Book Character Day costume hats and preparing myself to help G's class learn about sewing and making sock monkeys in art class tomorrow. But most pressing in my mind is my Uncle D. He is in the hospital tonight and experiencing some disturbing illness after what was thought to be a routine heart cath. He is hopefully getting some rest tonight in his hospital room. I ask that you lift him up in thought and prayer that his blood pressure will lower to a safe level and that everything will even out in a healthy way. He is such a good man and does so much for so many. We just want him better. Night all.

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Monday, October 27, 2014

The Day After

Well. It was a Monday for sure, but then everybody has them. I think I folded about 50,000 pieces of laundry and, looking in the basket about 5 minutes ago, I have accumulated about 5,000 more just since the kids have gotten home. S is feeling better today, but I picked her up from school and found her with puffy eyes and weirdly red cheeks. Something is still irritating her. As parents, we are frustrated that no one can give us any answers as to why this weird crap keeps happening to her. We get a lot of "We're fairly sure this won't bother her.." or "We think this is prpobably safe...". I mean, really?

On a positive note, the boy went to his first Pack meeting as a Cub Scout. He is now officially a Bobcat. I remember with my brother his Boy Scout days more than the Cub Scout stuff. I do recall my earliest memory of when I realized that parents do the majority of the work so their kids can win when I saw him compete in the Pinewood Derby for the first time. My brother had a normal looking car that he crafted(with Dad's help on the sharp stuff)and it looked nice and age appropriate. Then came a kids two years younger who had a streamlined vehicle with a carved out spoiler on the back and, I mean, come on. Oh well. The hub is excited about his boy being involved in the scouting program. I am too.

Now to a game of "Goldfish" with the boy and then bedtime. Night all.

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Sunday, October 26, 2014


I have just come from the Trunk or Treat at church.  What a wonderful turnout we had!  Lots of fun costumes were spotted and lots of  hungry tummies were filled.  I am now at the ER with S.  She had some sort of allergic reaction to something and couldn't breathe.  They have jacked her up on lots of good stuff.  We are awaiting her return from X-ray and are hoping for an easy fix.  Say a little prayer for her.  That kid is a puzzle.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Pancakes and pumpkins

We had a rare morning where we did not have to be on a soccer field at the crack of dawn. So instead of a quick bowl of cereal or a Clif bar showed down our gullet, we got to have yummy pancakes. The kids welcomed this rare treat and ate them with great gusto. I think they liked the faces:

It looks more like a FrankenPancake. After stuffing their bellies, they got ready to start their day. S was deposited at school to travel to a band competition. I fired up the leaf blower and got a head start on the onslaught of leaves that has begun. After a trip to pick up book character day costume supplies, we got home with pumpkins and some new carving tools. S will have to do her pumpkin tomorrow, but G and the boy got a head start on theirs:

Why he felt he needed to be in shorts with no shirt, I am not sure. But it turned out to be a good idea...he was covered wih pumpkin guts. He even had a little pumpkin gut goatee...amazing. After finishing his mustachioed pumpkin, he went on to a birthday party dressed as a skunk and G and I went to help serve dinner at the community meal at church. The diners filled their bellies with a hearty meal of meatloaf, peas, mashed potatoes and cake. It was a good evening. The hub and I are currently trying to find something to have for dinner. G ate meatloaf and the boy dined on chili at the party. I would like something to help me sleep all night through. Can you order that through takeout? I wish.
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