Thursday, September 18, 2014

Makes me a little nervous

I am sitting here with a nice and lovely view, watching my child train with high school boys twice her "tallness" as someone called it one time. I'm not going to lie, it makes me a little nervous. I am trying just to concentrate on this:

I can go to my happy place and think about the homemade meatballs I made for subs tonight...or the new brownie waffle recipe I found on Pinterest to try this weekend. A little bit distracting is the guy right next to me, always wearing a Renaldo jersey(yuck) and some sort of boy's athletic knee highs, who is practicing his ball juggling skills. I think he may have on as much hair product as Renaldo wears too. I'm sure he's a very nice person, but he needs to juggle elsewhere. My happy keeper mom is tempered by the worries of injury, duh, and I can only feel comfortable when my child can be in the goal when she looks like this(excuse my art work):

Somehow I think the astronaut-esque helmet would be frowned upon out here. Maybe I'm wrong...but I'm not. She, and a boy who looks to be 6'4" and so slender you could snap him in half, are curently on the ground and rolling around to practice trapping ground shots. She is going to be covered with newly cut grass. Looks like it's a Benadryl night at the Cook house. I have suddenly realized that I have placed my Target purchased sports/camp chair on yet another aunt hill. My foot looks like someone dropped an open pepper shaker on it. Let me take care of right back.

(7.34 minutes later) I have done the ants in my Chucks dance and have given the gathering high school kids' team a good belly laugh for the evening. The phantom ants remain, you know, when they are still crawling on you...but it is all your head? Kind of like the psychological lice that come when your kid comes home and reports that someone in their class got sent home with the unwanted visitors in their hair. Anyhoo, I'll be feeling those for a good while.

Well the girl is approaching and judging by her limp and the green from knee to ankle skin on her legs, it is time to go home and have a good soak in the tub. And I guess I'd better let her have one too. Night all.
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Wednesday, September 17, 2014


It has been a very emotionally weird day that I cannot begin to describe. Worry and fear and anger and astonishment and frustration and humor even. I am just glad to be in my A&W Root Beer tshirt pj's and in my comfy bed, my husband snoozing by my side. Days like these make me so very grateful for a good man, a healthy relationship between us and supportive families. We lived a sweet life.

I again ask you to pray and send well wishes to an individual in need. It is a concern that is laying on the hearts of so many who want to help but feel helpless at the same time. Please lift the situation up.

Lastly, my son got his new Rec Specs today:

Naturally he thinks he is hot stuff with them on. I think he looks a little like Snoopy when he is the World War I flying ace. Whatever he looks like, I don't care as long as he can see the ball flying at his face before it makes contact.

Have a good night. I'll hope for a funny day tomorrow so I won't bum all three of you out again.
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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

On a tear

I am in my pajamas getting warm after a chilly end to soccer practice. The hub is watching some sports show where a well known news guy is taking on the NFL. I will admit that football has not always been my favorite thing to view. The things a girl will do when she is in love: watch his favorite shows and endure the hours of his favorite sporting events. Once we got married, I felt it was okay to not have to watch every second of every game. I do still watch college ball and the Super Bowl. I really have grown quite queasy with how the NFL handles, well, most everything. Everything for the almighty dollar is their unwritten mantra I feel. Look the other way for killing others, beating your significant other, beating your child to the point of injury, allowing players to be concussed to the point that too many are now in need of 24 hour care. All for the almighty dollar. I have children. I have a son. Most little boys say they want to play football to some degree. Would my child ever be in the NFL? Well with his negotiating skills he might be one of their lawyers, but I pray not. I know I am a soccer mom and have a daughter with two concussions under her now required head gear. Profesional soccer is just as drama filled in lots of ways, but again my child will not be participating at that level. But they will all see football players, dripping with possessions and wealth and treated like gods who can get away with atrocities. Are all NFL guys bad? Not at all. There are so many good ones...great ones even. Where is their spotlight? It is stolen from them by the thugs. Way to have priorities in order NFL. We'll turn to bowling.

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Open mouth, insert foot

Just another day. A Monday at that, but not anything to complain about. I put a load of towels in the wash and then went to work childcare at church. It was my last day with the hub at home, which kind of makes me really super sad. He will be starting back to work as much as they allow and he can endure. It has been nice to have him here. I kind of really enjoy seeing his face.

I won't bore you with the minutae of a run of the mill day, but I will tell you the dumb thing I did. Soooo, I received a call today. Even though we are on the Do Not Call list, somehow people manage to finagle a way around that. It annoys me to no end. If it is just a person trying to make a buck, I will be as nice as I possibly can. If it is one of those people who request my computer passwords to "assist" me with my troubles on Windows(we have a Mac), I have a tendency to yell things like "Don't call me again...this is a SCAM" and "Call me again and I will report you" and maybe I might slam the old school phone with a cord several times against the cradle. I am not a violent person, but years ago one of those creeps threatened and freaked out my Granny. We all know, nobody messes with your Granny. So anyway, we got a call today from one of those robotic voiced recorded women. She sounded more like a Siri or robot than "This is Rachel from cardholder services. There's no problem with your account...". Then don't flippin call me, Rachel. The robot voice was inquiring about my interest in their product and told me that they would be in our area this coming week. I listened simply because I was waiting for the London Broil to finish broiling and had nowhere to be but oven watching. I can listen to a robot while watching beef cook. With past calls, I often talk to the robot knowing that it will not answer but simply transfer me to an operator in a foreign country. So after I listened to the robot for a good 90 seconds I said, "Are you a robot or a human?". All of a sudden, I heard a heavy sigh and, "Uhhh...totally a human...thanks." I was so embarrassed, I hung up. Way to go there, idiot.

I will leave you with my new favorite child drawing. The boy decided to draw a rock star and his drum set:

I really like the fact tht the guy is so cool he says, "Sup?" and has a bird on his shoulder. Now if that doesn't scream rock-n-roll, I don't know what does.
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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sweet and kind Grace

I am on the verge of collapsing from sheer exhaustion, so you will have to forgive my potential jumbly text. It was an early afternoon day of soccer for G and her team. We noticed immediately that there were girls on the team we had played with before...some even on our former teams, so it was about to get weird. When playing friends, the speech of "On the field you are not friends, you are competitors" is often mentioned by parents. It's just business, baby. There were some on the opposing team that made a potential win that much sweeter, I'm not going to lie. We started off rough. G was thrown off and had two scored on her. Made her pretty frustrated. She's pretty tough on herself. The girls started to wake up and her friend E drew first blood. Then we tied it up just in time for half time. On the opposing side, there was a keeper change. A friend and former teammate who had joined club to get more touches on the ball and had been shoved into the goal instead. Keeper is a position you have to want, not one you are forced into, so I know the mother was nervous. While it was a point of contention for some of the opposing fans, our team found a way of exploiting weakness and scored several goals in a row. That is called competition. A couple may have been some the keeper could have prevented, but most were a failure of her defense and lack of training on her coach's part. One particular goal had her down in the goal, unable to get up out of sheer frustration and anger. As a mother, my heart hurt for her. Come on, coach. Take her out and give her a break. Our parents started yelling and cheering for her. "Shake it off, keeper!" and "Stay strong, girl!!" and "Don't let it get you down...keep your head up!". We had a decisive win which was extra nice since they were a division up and a head taller. The oppoosing keeper walked, dejected, across the field towards her mother. She was clearly crying and upset and rightfully so. G handed her water jug to me and ran out on the field, embracing her friend and competitior. I could see her whispering in her ear and pat her on the head. The hub and I spoke to her as well. She couldn't speak. I was outraged that the other parents on her team did not try to cheer her up...let her off the hook some. It is just a game after all. Not an audition for a scholarship at 11. G can frustrate me more than any other human on this planet, probably because she is just like me in almost every way. But I'll tell you I was so humbled and proud at her show of sportsmanship and just basic humanity to a devastated friend. Made up for every tweenish eye roll I receive, friends. What a kid. What decent kid.

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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Mother-Son bonding

It has been an always exciting day of soccer for the young people in this house.The boy had a lunchtime game. They did okay. He is still learning to work with new teammates and coaches. He had some good plays and enjoyed himself and , really, isn't that really what matters? Yes, winning is nice, but I just want him to have fun at this point. S had a game as well, but late in the afternoon. It was a rough start, but ended in victory. In this case, especially, the victory was espeically sweet. Their teammate took a trip to the hospital and suffered a broken wrist. The opposing team had a lot of less than kind words to say, but plenty of snotty things to share. The win was super sweet when those parents were silenced. My child, magnet for random and odd injuries, went in for a kick and took a post to the shin. She has a nice lump there for a trophy...right above where her cymbal landed last night after the strap broke. That kid is a mess.

Currently, the hub has taken the oldest to a youth group football party at church. G is watching Steve Spangler science experiment videos on YouTube. The boy and I are watching the always riveting "Airplane Repo". It was this or some sort of smart-mouthed angsty kid show on Disney. Sorry, Vol Nation, we are not watching the football game. I've had enough sports for this day. When the kids go to bed, I will get crazy and have some ice cream and watch Criminal Minds. I know you wish you were me. Living the dream, my friends.

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Friday, September 12, 2014

Open iPad - The bloggess is out!

Guest post by Mr. Bloggess

TOP 10 things i learned about myself through pain, perseverance, and faith
10. Pain STINKS - Plain and simple.
9. Pain squeezes the weakness out. It makes you stronger.
8. Face your pain, and it will go away. Run away from your pain and it will follow you always.
7. Many people suffer from pain. Pain can be manifested in physical and emotional pain. It is grief, worry, insecurity, conflict, hatred, stress, and doubt-- to name a few.
6. Be kind, for each person is fighting their own difficult battle.
5. My wife has kept me grounded and been an example of faithful living.
4. Sometimes, life is like Chutes and Ladders. Moving forward is the only option.
3. Look for signs along the journey that you are on the right path.
2. Luke 1:37 "For nothing is impossible with God."
1. My family loves me unconditionally.

God bless!


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