Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Modern Family Therapy

It has been a run of the mill day. A school meeting made my stomach sick, but then they all do. I did laundry, tried to make arrangements for next week and school and work and the hub's trip to Nashvegas for a second opinion on his back and tutoring and soccer. Nothing any other mom isn't dealing with. I really crave another Pizza Inn bizarre experience, but not necessarily by having to go there. I will have to talk to my brother and remember some more strange family stories. I've barely scratched the surface.

Anyhoo, in light of the events of the week, I am in need of some Modern Family therapy. The hub and I are getting ready to watch a new episode. It never fails to pep me up a bit. If that doesn't do the trick, I'll just look at this picture:

Baby gorillas. How can you not smile?

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Heavy hearted day

It is on days like this that I realize how very precious life is and how I need to remember that. My G's former teacher, and still loved by our family, lost her husband to a tragic and freak accident on Saturday. Theirs was the sweetest of love stories. People talk about soul mates and I always kind of shrug my shoulders and laugh it off. But I must admit that these two were soul mates in the truest sense of the word. She lit up when she spoke about was lovely. They were married when G was in her class. The kids were so excited. I just pray that memories of their short time together will provide some comfort to her broken heart and that we can be of some help to her when she is ready to receive.

Prayers to Maria and her family...

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Monday, April 21, 2014

In stray sock purgatory

On this Eater Monday, I have gone from the moutaintop of celebration to depths of purgatory for people living in a house with other people: sock purgatory. With the break has come outside play and lots of wardrobe changes for most of the residents of our home. I selfishly wanted to spend time with the kids doing fun stuff and neglected my one to two loads per day. This neglect resulted in my largest laundry basket being full to overflowing with socks, underwear and unmentionables. So I lived in the land of laundry. Every once in a while a child would come upstairs and ask if I was okay. "Where are you in there, mom?"..."Down on the floor. Behind the pile of pants and tshirts." I gave them the task of sorting their own socks and underwear. Seeing the amount to sort, their faces fell like children who lost their puppy, broke their favorite toy AND got their dessert taken away all at the same time. It took them a long time...and then I threw the hub's items as well. They earned a banana popsicle and a run at the dog park for that.

In the end, all were happy and benefitted from the efforts. I'll take it.

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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Glorious Easter Day

What a beautiful Easter Day we had today! We couldn't have asked for a lovlier day.

We sat with family in a wonderful church service, had a relatively calm morning for having scads of children and then enjoyed a yummy lunch and family time in the afternoon. Our nephew and his wife and our adopted nephew, Abraham, from Nigeria made the day complete. He had never had homemeade ice cream, which we felt was a crime. So as part of his Easter desserts, he had his favorite: vanilla ice cream. There was lots of football and monkey6 in the middle and a fair amount of this:

Some sort of rolling ball game that the boy, G and Abraham are obsessed with these days. Heck, they were outside getting fresh air. I couldn't complain.

The kids are tucked into their beds, sleeping off a day of family, food, fun and celebrating the miracle and blessing of Easter. So thankful for this day.

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Saturday, April 19, 2014

No brain left...nada

Today was a four game day, which was fun and exhausting and annoying. We had hoped to go to a friend's family Easter egg hunt, but were not able to go and enjoy due to late games and the drama that goes with them. Sad faces all around. So instead we watched four games, 2 wins and 2 losses, walked like dirty, sunscreened nomads back to our car and headed for home. Two of the three kids were scrubbed clean and settled down by 4:15, while the third braved the grocery store with me and watched a can of creamed corn fall from the cart on to my Chacoed foot. I had a moment in the veggie aisle as people waited impatiently for their cans of green beans. S kept saying, "Ooh. That's going to turn black, Mom. Ooh." I don't doubt that she is correct. May even have an outline of Del Monte in my foot. It'll be an interesting story. The tile/flooring lady came today as well, measuring and looking at our horribly messed up house and gave me hope that we may see the other side of this remodel. She and Copper made friends and I really think Copper wanted to leave with her. Maybe next time. Currently, the hub is trying to get comfortable on the couch and I am about to go cut up a pound cake for Easter dessert tomorrow. I need to check to ice cream goo and see if it is cooling down nicely for making homemade ice cream tomorrow. Our adopted Nigerian nephew, Abraham, is in for Easter and he has never had homemade ice cream. I think that is a crime in some countries. We will remedy that tomorrow.

With all the hunts and eggs and soccer aside, I look forward to worship and songs and celebrating the miracle of our risen Jesus. It is such a powerful day and one of my favorite services with all the wonderful hymns. I hope your Easter Sunday will be one of joy and excitement and family and faith. "He arose, he arose, hallelujah Christ arose!

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Friday, April 18, 2014

Egg-stra egg-citing

The kids were out today for the start of Easter break. I'll take it. They live the to sleep in, watch TV and have a special breakfast out...good stuff. We did have to do some unfun things like go to the store and clean our rooms, but the work makes the fun that much better. After a less than ideal trip to the dog park in which S was completely taken down and out by two sprinting dogs, we determined that the kids need to stay on the bench when the dogs are running so fast. One bruised back and scraped arm later:

...I think she may go into the fetal position if she ever goes there again. A half rabid hound of hell named Fitz terrorized all the dogs at the park today. He was supposed to be in the little dog area, but of course his owner said, "In his head he's a big dog." he's delusional as well. S tried her absolute best not to cry out of her pain and embarrassment. I told her to go ahead. It was a brutal fall. To make up for it, and the fear that the other two kids experienced at the dog park, there were Sonic slushes and egg decorating for the victims. I tried Alton Brown's method for oven hard cooked eggs. I hate boiling them because they rattle around and get all cracked. This was interesting:

I was very pleased and surprised with the results:

The decorated eggs will be good for pickling or egg salad here in a few days. But for today, they were palettes for the family. Armed with Paas Paints and the Williams-Sonoma chalkboard painted egg kit, the kids got to work on their masterpieces.

Forgive the dust mop and old school baby gate in the background. A shedding dog who likes to try and eat my cook books makes both necessary.

A pretty decent day for the kids I think considering dog park trauma and being made to clean on a day off. Tomorrow is another soccer Saturday. let's hope no trauma is to be found there. For the love of everything...
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Thursday, April 17, 2014

The diagonals started today

April showers bring May flowers, but they also bring tall grass when working together with super weed and seed that the landscaper put on our lawn not too long ago. My sweet and kind husband hired a lanscaper friend to do the first mow/weed/mulch of the Spring a few weeks ago and it was wonderful. Since then, with every rain the grass has thickened and become for luxurious with every rain. He accomplished in one treatment what blasted Scott's failed to do in a whole summer. When going barefoot, it feels like walking on soft velvet. Last year's lawn, in spite of my every effort(and they were considerable), made you feel compelled to check the bottoms of your feet to see if they were bleeding. Today was the day that I had to bring the trusty Honda out of its hibernation and jerk it back to life by its string. It resisted, but after receiving a drink of gasoline, it sputtered and coughed back to life. The dog was going quackerdog inside...she had never heard the mower before. Because I am a creature of habit and OCD to boot, I carefully mowed our front rectangularish lawn with diagonals. Gots to have the diagonals. Our neighbor who is a funny guy drove by and said, "I see the diagonals are must be Spring!". Okay, so I am predictable, but the lawn looks lovely all green and thick. It just had its weekly haircut and spa treatment. And I learned the fastest way in the world to fill up my sinus cavity in less than two hours: run the mower into a spread of bushes on accident and watch a large puff of yellow poof out and then flutter down like evil fairy dust. I actually sneezed out yellow dust this afternoon. Classy. Living the East Tennessee dream.

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