Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A gentle soul, a great reward

Those of us who have pets know the large role they play in our lives and the large chunk they occupy in our hearts. Those who have not had the privilege of owning a pet want to understand us, but can't completely get what we feel...and that's okay. Some of us are dog lovers...some cat lovers...ferret lovers, maybe.  Personally, I don't get cats. I'm a dog girl through and through. Cats make me feel like they are doing me a favor acknowledging my presence and as an insecure human, that hacks me off a little. I always have loved this quote, being a dog person:

Sometimes Copper gets spiteful and chews up the woodwork and I question whether or not she truly loves us or is sending us the "Get me the heck out of here!" message....but not really. She is chewing up the woodwork to get to us...she wants every waking moment she spends to be with us or on us or around us. As a human I forget that. I like time with people, but I also like time by myself. I need that time. She needs her people time...and I fail her every day when I forget that.

Today, my brother and sister in law had to say goodbye to their sweet dog Maggie. What a gentle natured girl she was. When we lost our Cosby a couple years ago, Maggie and her daughter Dakota were the first dogs our children could bear to be around in the days and weeks after her passing. Maggie walked up to our oldest, who was desperately struggling, and put her paw up on her leg just so very softly. They always said she was "blessing" you and it really felt like she did. Just made you unclench your fists and soften your heart a bit. When she did that to S, you could see the hurt start to leave and the healing begin. Dogs know; they sense.

So tonight, say a little prayer for M and D and Maggie's daughter Dakota. Their house has lost a furry heartbeat and is a bit quieter this evening. Heaven is a sweeter, gentler place now that she has entered it. Godspeed, sweet Maggie.

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Monday, January 26, 2015

A new adventure

I am currently sitting in an elementary school cafeteria with lots of other moms and dads, all of whom look quite worn out and zombie-ish at this time of the day. G has been selected to be one of the representatives from her school for our county's Honors Choir. Luckily, I got the right night this time. We arrived here two weeks ago on a horribly nasty night, trekked up from the parking lot only to find locked doors and stern faced people on the other side telling us there was "no choir of any kind going on" that night. Not too embarrassing...at all. So we are here again tonight. I arrived with a terribly nervous G, who just was concerned about what in the world was about to happen to her and would she be good enough and would she make friends. I asured her that she had every reason to be there and her voice would be a great addition to the group and to chill out. They sent her in a room and sent me to a meeting. She gave me a sick smile and went into her assigned room. Luckily I recognized a mom from soccer whose daughter is on G's team. I know she will be thrilled to see her in there and all will be right with the world. I know I felt that way when I saw the mom.

On another subject, I must ask anyone who wants to answer, "WHERE ON EARTH IS OUR SNOW?!?!?!". Come on, East Tennessee, throw us a bone and, like the "your peanut butter is in my chocolate...your chocolate is in my peanut butter" synergy of te Reese Cup, put this incessant rain together with one of these ultra frigid days and give us some sledding, snow cream and snow man weather. I think we are due a good couple of blizzard like condition days. I have stocked up on evaporated milk to make snow cream. The freezer is stocked and, of course, when the first mention of impending snow is made I may even make the choice to go gather French Toast makings(eggs, milk, bread) with the mob at Kroger. Just sayin', atmosphere, I am ready for God to pour sugar down from Heaven and give us a sweet snow day.

Night all!

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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Can I have a backrub?

I am grateful for employment, for busy days and, most importantly, for my children and husband. Today has been a day with a high concentration of work and little of my much needed family time. After talking to an individual today, I am more grateful than ever for my family, my parents, relatives and friends. Sure we all have had our spats and arguments, but we are all of one mind and heart when it comes to each other. I ask you to pray and send up positive thoughts for this individual who is doing their best to give the life they never had to even the least of these. My heart is heavy and I ask for you to take a minute at 2pm. Pray for justice.

I am going to get my pj's on and, yes, watch Downton Abbey. Why not watch aristocrats get themselves into a hot mess? Night all.

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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Quality time

With the hub and the oldest doing youth group stuff, it has been nice to have special bonding time with the youngers. We didn't do anything wonderful, just spent a lot of time snuggled up. We watched "Million Dollar Arm". It was wonderful! I cried of course. We took the dog for a walk. As usual, we play a sad game of "how many alcohol containers will we spot?" when we walk through a kind of woodsy area. In case you are wondering, they found 14. We also found this sign:

We had a nice long discussion about that all the way home. I hope I smoothed things over and they aren't scared to be in their own home or neighborhood.

We worked the community meal tonight. The kids helped their Aunt Deb deliver meals to people and take someone home. I saw the ruins of many a plate of lasagna and salad drenched in ranch. I think there were many satisfied tummies.

The kids are snuggled up in our bed watching a movie. I may just let them stay in here and sleep with me. I cannot remember the last time that happened. They may not last long, but I'll take a few more snuggles.
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Friday, January 23, 2015

What do you do with a grumpy waitress?

The hub and the oldest are at a youth thing tonight, so I took the youngers and went to dinner. Since we spent last Friday in the ER, we decided to lay out of futsal for the evening and give the boy's hand some more healing time. They requested burgers and a burger restaurant. Out of the kindness in my cold heart, I will not say where we went...but it has gone way downhill since we went there 6 months ago. Our waitress rolled her eyes every time she had to interact with us, which was three times...total. The kids were perfectly behaved, used their manners and didn't spill or make a mess. She wouldn't give us any bread, but did so for every table around us without them asking. She never asked if we needed more water and actually got mad when we ordered water. She didn't get our order right, but I was afraid to complain. If she was ugly when we were being kind, what would she do when I said the burgers were not cooked to order or that she left most of the normal things that come with the meal off? I know about people who spit in your drink or clear their sinuses into your guacamole. Do not want to be the recipient of that.

Needless to say, we will not be back. It's a sad decline.

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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Old man learning Spanish

Today was the 100th day of school today and, as always, there were activities to celebrate the excitement of the day. The boy, I think I told all three of you yesterday, had to dress up as his 100 year old self. The joy he took in planning his outfit was honestly hysterical. The picture I took of him acting like he was hard of hearing did not turn out so well, so this was the final shot:

Notice he still had his Spiderman Van's on because, well, he's going to be a hip centanarian. I mean, come on.

Continuing on the track of my son today, he has a new friend in his class "for a few days" he said. After school discussions in the car always lose something in translation, so I am unsure exactly why she is there such a short period of time other than there might be more comprehensive ESL/ELL school programs. Either way, her English is not good and the boy feels very strongly that he wants to help her and make her feel welcome. It melts my heart that he is so concerned about her feeling comfortable. Once the hub arrived home, the boy begged for an app on his ipad to help him learn Spanish. Then he disappeared. I continued to get dinner ready and the hub checked the stack of mail and the kids' school papers. The boy runs in, yells, "Deciembre!!!!"....and runs out. "That means December!" he yelled as he ran back down the hall. One of the girls said, "You might want to learn January...we're kind of past December." A few minutes later, he came and asked how to say, "Hello! My name is Finley." Since both of us took a few years of Spanish, we gave him the words to say: "Hola! Mi nombre es Finley." Throughout the course of our meal, he kept coming up with things to say to his friend. "How do I say 'I speak Spanish a little.' or 'I like pears and dogs.'?" We kept telling him that "Hola! Mi nombre es Finley" was all he needed to say tomorrow. "Less is more son." Dinner was done and I was cleaning up when he comes running in again..."CABEZA!!!! That means head!"...and flies back down the hall. The hub and I looked at each other, silently acknowledging that it was going to be a long evening. Indeed it has been. I really just need to record myself saying, "Hola! Mi nombre es Finley." so I can play it several hundred times to him. Once he found out that a place we know is a Spanish word meaning "beautiful", he asked us how to use it in a sentence to her. "'Hola! Mi nombre es Finley.' is all you need to say, son. Please understand" the hub begged. "Could I say she had a beautiful head? I know those words." "'HOLA! MI NOMBRE ES FINLEY!!!' is it for tonight. We appreciate your concern, but just perfect one line and leave it!" we both said. A little aside here, I realize that I stink when it comes to correctly punctuating quotations and quotes within quotes. Forgive me. Also, I realize that an upside down exclamation point should be on the other side of Hola!, but I cannot figure out how to do that on this contraption.

So, just say a little prayer that he says his one line of Spanish to his new friend, it is well received and no ad libbing occurs. Bless his kind heart. He just wants her to feel welcome and I adore him for that.
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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Blistering walk

So in my attempt to get healthy in this new year, I followed the insructions of my trainer "Dr. Pain" and set off to do my 30 minutes of cardio. All was fine and the dog was thrilled to be out among her people. We only had one run in with a mop of a dog who was half Copper's size but ten times her size in attitude. Once we got away from it, we were home free. My tennis shoes, or rompers as my dad calls them, did not play well with my socks and so my heels have massive blisters on the back. Training tomorrow is going to suck unless these new socks I purchased work out. Fingers crossed. If only my favorite pair of New Balance shoes were still alive. I wore those things out.

Tomorrow is Hundreds Day at the elementary school and my boy's class has been asked by the teacher to dress up how they thing they will look at 100. The boy is all over this and has asked for everything under the sun that a centenarian might possibly need...okay he stopped short of Depends and a Hoverround. He doesn't know what those are thank goodness. I will have pictures as soon as possible.

Night all. Gots to put these blisters to bed and hope for miraculous healing by tomorrow.

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