Thursday, July 2, 2015

Ear update

My teenager was given free reign in the sleep department this morning. Being so tired, paired with the dark sky and steadily pouring rain, she apparently slept until 10:30. I had to go to work for a couple hours this morning or I would have gotten her up sooner. Her siblings, fearing what would happen if they poked a sleeping teen, let her be. I figure she probably needed the sleep. To her credit, she got up and had already finished her laundry from her trip by the time I got home. When I left, I tried to look at her injured ear, but the flashlight on my iphone was not effective with a squirmy girl avoiding the light. So when I returned, she was awake and still. This is what it looks like today:

Poor kid! Thank goodness her hair is long and can cover it if she wants...although the hair brushing it is enough to cause great pain. So I got the honor of braiding the braiding prodigy's hair. Thank goodness I didn't touch that ear. She has the worst luck.

Night all. Going to try and get some sleep tonight. Last night's attempt was an epic fail.
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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Our oldest is home again

We went to see a wonderful performance this evening from our youth choir. It was their last stop on their tour of the Southeast with a performance at one of the youth girl's grandfather's church that he pastors. They sounded lovely though they looked absolutely exhausted. Makes me teary every year because they look so grown up. Time flies and I wish it would slow down just a bit. There were a few yawns in the choir and some eye rubbing. I think S looked like she might topple over. The girl does not handle exhaustion well at all. When we got her home, it didn't help her situation that the dog, in her excitement of seeing her blonde human, loved her so hard that she rammed S's ear into the windowsill. Hard. I feel like ears have to take a lot of abuse in order to show a bruise. Well, S's ear threshold was met. She was reduced to a mass of tears and I had some myself when I saw her ear swollen two sizes bigger. Thirty minutes later, her ear had started to turn a lovely light shade of purple:

I hope she sleeps in until noon tomorrow.

I'm going to start some laundry and get an ice pack. I'll update you on the new color tomorrow. Ouch!

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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Here we go!!

The USAvGER game is going to start in about a nanosecond and our family is crazy with anticipation. Our tummies are full of my first ever attempt at Shepherd's Pie. Everyone is in comfortable clothes, ready to to jump and writhe around in agony of the pressure of the game.It is a good thing that I cut my nails last night. I am not a nail chewer, but tonight may bring with it a new habit. Ny son just yelled at Rapinoe loud enough that I may have suffered hearing damage. It will be a lively evening and hopefully one of celebration. RIght now, I need to go check and make sure my ears aren't bleeding.

I believe that we will win. I sure hope we do.

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Monday, June 29, 2015

What a pleasant day

I started my morning with a workout with Dr. Pain, so that was necessarily pleasant...but it was needed for sure. While I was squatting to the dulcet tunes of Metallica, my children were readying themselves for their exciting morning: berry picking. They love, more than just about anything, to got o the Fruit and Berry Patch out in the county and pick yummy items to make into even yummier treats. Dennis Fox, the owner, wasn't there today, but he makes sure to fit a funny science/agriculture lesson in with each visit. Like during strawberry season, "Don't pick the berries with green tummies. They're too young to be away from their mamas and you'll have to sleep with them on your pillows so they won't cry." I will say that I have found a couple of less than ripe strawberries in their beds a time or two. Luckily it didn't get too messy. We managed to get around 4lbs of blackberries and 2-ish of blueberries. The blueberry area was full and they will be ready to pick tons by Friday. I imagine we will be back. After picking, the kids got a fresh fruit slush and some apple cider doughnuts. All tummies were happy. We then got home in time to have a Lithuanian college student try to sell us a book system. I thought she would never leave. I gave her some blackberries and sent her on her way.

Currently, I am sitting in a chair watching the boy at "Tactics" practice for soccer. The breeze is glorious and the sun isn't blazing. I'll take that all day long.

Have a good evening. I need to start making plans for all of these berries. Yum.

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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Guest post from G

Hi it's G, Mom said I could write alittle bit tonight. She was in a 90 min. meeting at work tonight and can't think too clearly. On Friday we watched the World Cup Women's Game. It was really exciting! I am a Keeper and recently went to Keeper Camp, it was super fun. I still have a lot of of bruises and scrapes. We went to church today and met our new pastor. We had tacos for dinner tonight.(S will be jealous)I helped cut up the cucumbers and tomatoes. It was really good.

Mom says I have to go to bed now. We are going berry picking tomorrow.


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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Purple icing on my foot

Today was our monthly community meal at church. After we dropped S off at church for her youth choir trip, we quickly ran to Ace Hardware for our Saturday bag of popcorn and run for project supplies. G and I then ran to church to help start cooking for the meal. We all really wished we could have Phil Dunphy's onion goggles during the chopping portion of the afternoon. Our senior pastor came in to get a glass of ice water and wondered what was wrong with all of the weepy kitchen help. Next came the seasoning of the pork loins and wrapping of the silverware. Then more wiping of eyes when we put the onions in the pans with the loins. We were a red eyed mess. Relief from onions came the sick and twisted form of a trip to Sam's to pick up to-go boxes for our dinner guests. The only true positive about that trip was free nectarine and white peach samples. Onve we got back to church, the pace of the meal prep picked up and we all got busy. As usual, I manned the dishwasher. No one usually wants that job and I don't mind it, so there I stand, soaked and sweaty. I do get a steam facial every time I open the washer, so there's the upside. A sweet lady makes cakes every month for the meal dessert...I think she considers it her mission to our dinner guests. One little issue for those of us on dish duty is the vibrant icing colors she uses. I have ruined more shirts with vibrant icing stains than I care to admit. Today I look like I have a purple tattoo on my foot when melted purple icing splashed on my foot. It may have been operator error with the spray nozzle. Maybe. Regardless, it was a successful meal and everyone left with full tummies and boxes of food for later. That's all that matters. Night all.

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Friday, June 26, 2015

Lotsa laundry

I'll admit. I failed in the laundry department this week. By the time I returned home from church, it was time to redress people for practices, get lots of ice water ready and fix dinner. We had a good supply of undies, shorts and t-shirts...we were fine. Until I looked at Mount Sweatball in the hamper and I was filled with dread. I thought, "I'll just throw all the colors together. Nothing is new enough to bleed." Then I remembered that with VBS comes crafts and mess and food coloring in snacks. So every piece had to be inspected for stains and treated with my new go to stain remover, gold label Resolve. Several hours and fours lint trap clean ups later, I think I am finally caught up...or close. Bounce dryer sheets smell good, but I've had enough.

On another note, we had a slip 'n slide injury today. When you don't have access to a decent pool, or have reached your limit with incompetent lifeguards at the Y, you set up a redneck waterpark in your backyard complete with a striped knock off of a slip 'n slide complete with three striped lanes that ripped as soon as they came out of the box from the store...and the store wouldn't take it back. The dog tried to catch streams of water as they jumped through the air. The boy drew first blood when he jumped and slid on his belly right over an errant plastic Easter egg that had somehow gotten tangled up with the slide. He looked like a wild beast had clawed him from top to bottom, but he felt no pain he said. I went back inside to contiue my conquering of the laundry mountain. Fairly quickly, I heard my name and a "Help". The boy was leaning on the patio rail, unable to put weight on his foot. He is not one to stop the fun due to pain, but he couldn't work through this one. He has been icing and resting it all afternoon. The hub can't find any protuding bones or obvious major injury. Guess we'll see what tomorrow holds.

We are currently watching the USAvCHI halftime commentary. Gimpy boy is making an argument that we should have chocolate milk more oftern since professional soccer athletes drink it in the commercials. The hub is checking the radar to see if we are indded going to get a big electrical storm this evening...and will it wait until the game is over. S is packing for her choir trip that leaves tomorrow. G is practicing soccer foot skills with a miniature ManU soccer ball in the middle of our bedroom floor. Never dull around here.

Night all. A corner kick demands my attention.

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