Sunday, August 2, 2015

The Final Countdown....

Tomorrow marks a week until school officially starts. Just saying. So we are going to pack as much fun as we can into this week as possible. Who am I kidding? We will probably be scrambling for last minute school supplies and clothes and attending orientations and all that business. But we are going to do our best to fit some fun in there too. I have decided that I must stop worrying about all that is going on with the kids and just trust that God will take care of them all. We are church people and that is what I believe...even though some days it is harder than others when I am extra nervous.

I covet your prayers once again. I'm going to ask for a lot of them this year. I appreciate you all.

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Saturday, August 1, 2015

I gotta go snooze...

It has been a busy day. I can't believe summer break is almost over and school will be starting very soon. Makes me a little sick. Oh well. It is coming whether we want it to or not.

S got another chance to spend time with some of her high school cronies by participating in a band car wash. She does a pretty good job on tires, I must say. As a reward for four hours of washing cars, she got to swim with some of her buddies and relax for the afternoon. We took the dog to the dog park for a run and a visit with a new 6 month old Doberman friend. All was well until two pugs decided to get "fresh" with her and get on her back. A little forward if you ask me since they were, at best, a thrid of her size. Her sharp growl/bark at them didn't stop their advances. A final deep growl from her finally alerted the owner he needed to get his amorous dogs off of her after about 10 minutes of getting on her back. I mean, dude, come on. Control your dogs.

Time for bed. It's an early work day tomorrow. I need some sleep. Night all.

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Friday, July 31, 2015

Store shopping on a Friday night is a poor choice

It is that time of the year where we need to be shopping for school supplies and clothes and shoes...and maybe a book from the summer reading list that had yet to be purchased. We knew that shopping would not be dull when we walked into the bookstore and were greeted by the Cat in the Hat and a man in a Cat in the Hat hat selling Nooks. He had a look like "Please just put me out of my misery now" on his 40+year old face. I can say that since I am 40+ myself. We found the necessary book and got out, just as a mob of preschoolers attack the Cat for a photo op. The mall wasn't much better, though we did manage to get her some Chucks from Journeys without too much craziness. I am so thankful that my oldest has a unique but tasteful style. The super duper short shorts where you can see the pockets hang lower than the bottom of the leg were the popular shopping wear tonight. The tighter the better. I'm just glad that the boy wasn't with us. We would have had to give him THE talk earlier than planned. There were also lots people in line for free samples at Williams-Sonoma. Someone just about cut a sister for some lemona and orange infused water. We saw a few familiar faces here and there. They all had our similar deer in the headlights look.

We are currently watching the premiere of "Descendants" on the Disney Channel because we need to watch some mindless stuff tonight. Night all.

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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Spiral notebooks cost how much?

I took the girls back to school shopping for their supplies today. The boy escaped with his other two musketeers from school and went tumbling and wore himself out all afternoon. I have to think it was less intense than the school supply section at Target. "It says you need a 2 inch three ring this one okay?". Mom, that says 1.5inch. You cannot do that. Tensions were high. When I had the gaul to suggest a Target brand multi pack of highlighters vs a two pack of Sharpie brand highlighters for the same price, well, things got rough. Another mother was heard to say, " I don't ant to crush your school supply joy, but you need to dial it back. We want to have supper tonight." We looked at each other and did everything but hit our fists on our chests and flash peace symbols at each other whilst saying "Word." I knew it was time to leave and resume our search another day when digging through piles of spirals to find two 3 subject notebooks in a sea of 5 subject notebooks almost disintegrated into a fist fight...between two mothers(I was not one of them). I grabbed a couple quickly while words were being exchanged and ran. Hopefully when I take the boy, it will not be such a nightmare. Who am I fooling? With each passing day, it only gets worse. I remember last year saying out loud, when going to look for supplies on a Sunday, on tax free weekend, "I will bake soeone a cake if they will just find me a 24 pack of Crayolas. A 24 pack!". I was dead serious...ready to get an address and any food allergy information.

It is time for baths and relaxing at our house. I will try to soak and forget about the mean spiral notebook ladies and the receipt that will haunt my bank account for several months.

Night all.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Painted ladies

Tonight was paint night at church for the youth. S was really quite excited about it, because last year she was puking up somthing akin to black alien goo after having just had sinus surgery. It was pretty rough and even moreso when she saw all the pictures of her friends covered with mess. So this time she made sure she was there. They had water ballons filled with paint and squirt bottles filled with paint and a paint slip and slide. They were a disaster for sure. What I did like was the fact that there was a whole lot of laughter and friendship going on...nothing better for a parent to see or hear. Now the rest of the evening will consist of trying to clean their hair and clothes. That should be a joy.

My painted ladies. Nice!

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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

My child's in a bubble

Today was a SLAM day at church which meant that the girls were going to do some sort of youth service project in the morning, have lunch and then play games of some sort in the afternoon. Depending on the day, lots of times it is a small group and today's was fairly small...but they get a lot done. This afternoon I went to get them an hour early because the boy was going to be dropped off by a friend and we needed to be there to receive him. When I got there, I heard screaming and laughter and the sound of a vacuum cleaner or something coming from the gym. This is not a picture of our youth, but this is what the kids were doing;

Bubble balls. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. I could tell that G found an activity that she could legally bash on her sister and she used her strength to not only knock down boys three years older, but she almost gave her sister a concussion. She had quite the headache, but the whole scenario was wonderfully entertaining to watch. If you ver get the chance, put some friends or friends' kids in some of these and watch them bounce around. Excellent fun.

That's all I've got. Night all.
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Monday, July 27, 2015

Can we go live in a compound?

My children get sick of hearing me say, "When you are a parent, you'll understand what I mean." I got sick of hearing that from my parents. When my text tone sounded for the fifty millionth time today about who got what teacher or team, I wanted to cry. One has none of their best friends in their class. One has no friends in their class. One doesn't even know if they were placed in the right classes. Pained expressions and wringing of hands and hurt stomachs make me think home schooling can't possibly be that bad. Just for the three middle school years and then right back out in the mix of things. I don't know. God has a hand in it all and will take care of all of them. I need to remember that.

Night all.

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