Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Stop the napsanity

I have been very tired lately. I need to just power through, caffeinate and work to stay awake through it all. Today I decided to go to the grocery store right after school drop off and wake myself up. After putting the groceries away, I went down to the basement to switch laundry around and hang up the freshly fried stuff. The new load in the dryer had 25 minutes left to go, so I sat down in one of the chairs to finish out an episode of the always riveting "Dog the Bounty Hunter". That was about 9:20. The next thing I know, I woke up(unsure of exactly where I was with a little drool in the corner of my mouth)and it was 11:55. My friend said that I must have needed it, but I have regretted it all day. Headaches and regret are what have made up the rest of the day. I have already decided to make a to do list tomorrow so I won't have time to sit down for a nap. Jeepers.

Update from last night. The boy did seem like he grew a mile, but I don't think he grew quite a centimeter...maybe a milimeter. Let him stay small for a little bit longer. Sweet boy.

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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Found treasures and stranges measures

After an exhausive search of every nook and cranny and corner and crevice in our house, I came to a couple of conclusions. (1) I have got to stop accepting other people's crud because they are too guilty to just take it right to Goodwill. We are the depository for the guilt purges of others. (2) I desperately need to have a yard sale...but that is not going to happen anytime soon. (3) I realized just how very precious my Granny's patterns are to me and will make sure they are never lost again. The box was located in a random corner of my husband's workshop which says to me that little hands played a part in its relocation. A few tears were shed and some pictures were taken and texted to inform people of the happy discovery. Some may think I am strange. I say if that is what makes me strange, then they really have not paid close attention to me. I do a lot of strange things.

Bedtime approached at our house and, as happens every night, strange questions and comments always start. One child needed help with math homework which was met with a "Go see your dad" comment from me. One was working on homonyms and other language minutae. It was met with a "Call me if you need me." And then the boy. He never fails to entertain. He purchased a book on Milton Hershey at the book fair today and was starting chapter one. I told him it was time for bed and he said, "Take a good look at me tonight." Okay, I thought, I'll do that and hold him tight for a big bedtime hug. "Just wanted you to take a close look at me tonight. I've decided I'm growing a centimeter while I sleep. You'll notice tomorrow. Night." Soooo, if you notice that he looks different tomorrow, you'll know why. Better measure him while he sleeps so I can have a baseline. Stay tuned for tomorrow's measurements.
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Monday, September 29, 2014

Sewing and solving

After this crazy weekend, I needed to play catch up with the laundry and some other stuff. Soooo, I turned into a hermit and spent most of the day in the basement. Just call me the laundry troll. It fits. I did break out long enough to pick up children and get my hair cut by my very lovely and very pregnant friend. Three weeks to go and she is still working her magic and making me feel like a shiny dime when I leave her sweet little shop.

After all the children were picked up for good and returned to the ranch, I returned to the basement to try and sew up some more creature carcasses for finishing. I must admit that I am currently crestfallen by the fact that my heavy duty box full of all of my grandmother's patterns that I have used for years is gone. I have gone over the house with not quite a fine toothed comb, but close to it. I need to make some bunnies and bears and I need my pattern pieces. It hurts my heart to think they are gone. Pray we can solve this mystery. We have made so many creatures with them and I want to continue her tradition. If I have left a clear hard plastic box full of brown paper bag body parts, let me know. I have some fabric that wants to meet them.

Until then, I will sew socks while watching Criminal Minds reruns and find that blasted box. Night all.

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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Here we go...

We got the girl up this morning for her birthday breakfast in bed. When she got up, I swear she had gotten taller overnight. I can't stand it. But time marches on, friends, and we have the choice to embrace it or let it make us crazy. It depends on the day with me. We had an entertaining lunch at the local Japanese steakhouse/hibachi restaurant and ate way more rice, teriyaki and shrimp sauce than people should. We have enough leftovers for the week I think. She requested a combination of two cakes: Texas sheet cake cake and the icing from our peanut butter cake. G did the decorating of the top with mini Reese cups:

I thought her peanut butter cup star flower was lovely. The cake was pretty good too, but needed a gallon of milk with it to take the edge of the richness off. She is currently exploring the wonders of social media as we allowed her to finally get an account. It is heavily monitored and stalked by us, so she is treading lightly.

At this time 13 years ago, I was watching the hub and our nurse give S her very first bath. I wanted to get up for a closer look, but I was really tired. Her little cry sounded like a tiny kitten. She was precious and she was all ours and, though I was overwhelmed beyond belief, there was not a doubt in my mind that I would die in a heartbeat for her. Then I probably cried a while and then laughed and then had some other violent swing of emotion. The hormones were only starting their mischief in my body. She is the best first baby anyone could ask for and we are so blessed to have her and her sister and brother. We are blessed beyond measure.

Happy Birthday, sweet S!
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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Eve of teen

My oldest will turn 13 tomorrow and I want to throw up. I won't think about that now except to say that at almost 13 she is currently living it up, post band competition style, at the Waffle House with her fellow percussionists. Dad is lurking somehwere out in the parking lot in the van, probably listening to a soccer game. I am baking a Bisquick coffee cake for her breakfast in bed and am on the verge of collapsing from exhaustion. Soccer games and band competitions are enough to frazzle any parent's nerves. I am grateful to see more baby pics today. My brother looks like a smashing grandfather holding her, so I am thrilled for them.

I am going to wash the deep fried treats smell that only comes from a band booster run concession stand. Girl next to me was delighting in her deep fried oreos. Something to think about. Night all.

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Friday, September 26, 2014


This has been a busy day. Baking a birthday cake. Getting people some haircuts. Cleaning, laundry, shopping, transporting kids. There has been a group text(store that away)going all day with details about the impending birth and then actual delivery of our new great niece. My brother has been keeping my mom, my aunts and me in the know and sent a few pictures. Very exciting and mom and baby are doing well.

This evening the hub took the two youngers and went to a Lady Vols soccer game with their soccer teams. I went to sit with lots of my fellow Ftn Citians at the local high school football game to see S play in band again. While I can do without the constant movement and unfocused crowd, I enjoy the energy of a high school football game and sitting in my favorite place: right next to the band. Knowing this was going to be a packed house for an inevitable slaughtering of our team, I got there way early and sat down to watch the pre-pregame stuff. A mother got very angry at the fact that I had apparently taken the seat that she sits in every game. While I did not see the brass plaque commemorating such an important thing, I apparently should have known that she always sits on the end and always gets there to the stadium before everybody else does...except for tonight. She wouldn't say these words directly to me, but to every friend who walked through the stadium. Passive aggressive much? Anyway, I was documenting all of this mom's shenanigans and awful things to my brother. I was very angry. As siblings often do, because we are siblings and can say things to each other that we can't to most people, I ended the text with a word. It was a descritive word of the not so nice type when refering to a human. A technical term when referring to a female dog. I should not have said it, but she had worn me out for 45 minutes and I needed to vent or my mouth might have gotten ugly. As soon as I pressed send, I looked up to watch the players for a minute. My phone beeped. "You sent that text to Mom and the aunts....HAHAHAHA!!!!", said my brother. I looked and he was not joking. Twenty minutes later, I had called both aunts and my mother to beg their forgiveness and apologize for my potty mouthed description. They all laughed and told me not to worry, but I am mortified beyond belief. Don't text in anger, friends. Or if you do, check and make sure of the recipient. Mine was two aunts, my mother and my brother...and it was located right under the cherubic picture of our new niece sleeping very intensely. I will crawl under my rock now.

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Brace face...almost

The girl got molds made for braces today. My gracious how braces and orthodontic everything has changed over the years. When I got braces, I went in at 8 in the morning and was in the office for a good 2-3 hours while they put the braces on and I listened to easy listening hits of the '70's and '80's on the headsets they provided. I remember my mom picking me up at school and dropping me off at Dr. White's office where I signed in, got a cellophane wrapped toothbrush to wash the funk off and sat doing homework until I was called back to a second holding area with earphones and soft rock. There was the replacing of rubberbands and tightening wires and all that business. They told us today that it would take 5-10 minutes to put the braces on her teeth. Good golly. Thank goodness. It will be a 24-30 month adventure that will start Oct. 16. She better get her caramel apple, taffy and ooeygooey eating done before then...or things will get very interesting.

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