Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Holding hard and fast to summer

I am not ready for school to start. At all. A schedule that is jam packed already...a child who will be doing things with high schoolers every week...a child who is entering a difficult year of school with a learning disability that will make her feel different and self conscious. I dread every bit of it. It didn't help that I took child number one shopping for school supplies tonight. Talk about sticker shock. Good grief. Oh well. It had to happen. S and I went this morning to get the boy a new backpack with the specifications that he requested: something that he can wear a strap across his chest. Badabing. One strapped Adidas sling. Done. We then took a trip to the craft store and then on to lunch at a popular burger place downtown. Being seated next to a group of young, cufflinked lawyers proved to not be the best of seating placements. My rising 8th grader got to hear stories of how the guys lied about being members of varsity sports teams at college and immediately were able to bed multiple women. Of course this was not the terminology used, but I think you can get the gist of what went on there. Needless to say, we had some very uncomfortable conversations on the way back home. After that, we took the dog to the dog park to wear her out and then came back home to relax. She is currently participating in one of her Santa gifts she begged for: taking the online Red Cross Babysitter Certification course. She is loving every second. They just warned against using cell phones instead of playing with the children, how a child can drown in less than an inch of water in a bucket and how to deal with a grease fire. Let's all pray that the grease fire never happens and all buckets are turned upsode down...and that she controls the cell phone.

Just pray for my attitude. I just want good school years for all of my children and all of their teachers. I need to adjust my attitude to gratitude. Until then, I'll just watch one of the new crop of responsible babysitters getting ready to give parents a night out:

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

This is the meeting that never ends...

I went to a soccer meeting tonight. It was kind of bizarre to be at the meeting which was held during a practice when my children weren't there. I went in with a crooked attitude, because I really would have rather been at home with my family. Wah wah wah. Anyway, the head coach is a talker. God bless him, he is passionate about what he does and has a soft spot in his heart for those kids who are less fortunate and have soccer as their hope to get an education and better themselves. All that being said, we sat there facing the sun and listening to him philosophize for an hour and a half. Being the severe ADHD person that I am, it was torture. My fellow antsy parents and I texted each other the whole time and threatened to hurt the first person who aske a question and made the meeting last longer. By the end, we all looked like this:

We survived the meeting and I took the oldest out for some ice cream after she had a not so great day. The hub was rewarded wth a extra thick strawberry shake for his efforts to behave and be a good patient.

I ask your prayers for one of S's best buddies who has knee surgery tomorrow. She has been such a trooper and I hope this surgery will do the trick for sure! Also for our dear friend, E, who had hip replacement surgery today. Our daughter, G, is all to pieces worrying about her beloved friend. I pray both people have quick recovery times.

Have a good night, dear readers. Tomorrow is a new day and brings with it new possibilities. For us, it will bring school supply shopping. Yipes.
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Monday, July 28, 2014

I have no brain

We had a visitor in our bed last night. After tornado watch time was over and all the heartbeats were nestled in their beds, slumbering restlessly, the wrath came down about 11:45pm-ish. The first good crack made me jump a good foot out of bed and, not to be crass, probably made me wet the bed a little bit...or almost. The hub and I not so groggily waited for the sound of sprinting feet to our bed, but they held out for a terrifying 5 minutes. A huge crack came, we heard the sound of the pocket door and a child launched into our bed. "I tried as long as I could...I'm sorry." Heck. There are plenty of years for her to be brave. Let mom and dad help you out right now. I was glad she felt safe, but it made for adverse sleeping conditions. We'll take that hit.

I'll be happy to brush my teeth and get to bed soon. I'm waiting for S to come back from time with her cousins. Then it will be sleepy time. Thank goodness.

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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Basement dwellers

Tornadoes came to the area this evening. We were in the middle of baths and showers and cleaning up dinner when our phones went into emergency mode and blared warnings at us to take cover. G immediately went into panic mode, bless her heart. We moved the dog's crate downstairs, got her settled in there and got the kids settled as best we could. Poor B could only stand up, for the sick mattresses and Aerobed were too low for him to be able to get back up on his feet with relative ease. The boy and I played with Bendaroos and the girls did their own thing to pass the time:

A much fun as the basement adventures can sometimes be, we were glad to return to the upper floors of the house and get to bed. Everyone is conked out. I just finished a Young Ones episode and am turning in for the night. Say a prayer for those in outlying counties. Lots of people have sustained lots of damage. We were so very fortunate.

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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Cousin time

Today the Virginia cousins were available to play for a bit of time, so we packed up the scooters and headed to the park. The dog came along to meet her first doggie cousin for the first time. After finding lots of frogs and turtles, the boy falling out of a tree with his bike helmet on and Copper deciding to try and eat a hornet, we left hot and tired and ready for lunch and a rest. The hub has continued to improve. Pops has helped change the dressing on his incision. He is weaning off of his pain meds. Today, however, he did have a new side effect to the medication. Crazy eyes. He walked into the kitchen this morning with a look of total shock and surprise on his face. When I asked him what was wrong, he said, "Nothing...why?". The medicated crazy eyes have been with us all day and are kind of creeping me out, not gonna lie. Hopefully that symptom will disappear tomorrow. Just glad he is feeling better and healing. We are all ready to return to normal.

Bedtime, friends. Tomorrow will be a work day and I have to get up early. Gotta get this wimpy rear to bed.

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Friday, July 25, 2014

Very proud

Today we went to go watch our oldest perform with the high school band as they presented the first parts of their halftime program for the fall. I was a complete band nerd in school, so this is a very exciting time for me. Because she is yet to be in high school, she is in the front ensemble playing the vibraphone and bells and cymbals. She has been practicing with the band since June, being the little fairy mascot of the percussion section. Being a saxophone player and the sister of a percussionist, I knew she would get quite the education when it came to the crass and off color. New terms and words bear repeating until they are used in a somehwat proper way, I think, and this is credo of many middle and high school boys. There are a few terms, after looking them up in the Urban Dictionary, that have made me sit down and catch my breath. She is a baby! She shouldn't know these things. But, alas, she does and the genie has been released fromthe bottle. She has returned each evening with vim and vigor and excitement for the things she is learning. It is so fun to watch. So when the family went down to the high school parking lot to watch the first showing of their effort, I was unsure what to expect. I know she knows 75% of the slang for the male anatomy, ugh, but I was interested to see how much music she could play. I was pleasantly surprised at how she could pretty enthusiastically whomp on her instruments and how she sounded really good. It was exciting to see and exciting to think about how much fun is in her future. I cannot wait to see what else she learns...just no more sexual terms or filthy definitions of her name. This momma can only take so much without resorting to the hard stuff.

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Can't think of a title

Life doesn't stop when you are gone to be with your husband during his surgery and recovery. Boy did I find that out today. Band camp still wanted my daughter there. G and F still were "bored and had nothing to do". The dog still decided she needed to chew her bed. The ants decided today would be the day to come and attack our kitchen. Soccer practice still went on and the kids still whined about it. A tired child still got snappy with me. Laundry still got dirty and dishes still needed washing. I did get to take a 30 minute nap while watching The Venture Brothers. There are worse things one could do with their day.

Tomorrow afternoon S has her first performance with the high school marching band. I'm just a bit nervous and I know she is. Come one by at 4. They say that is when they will start. I'll be the mom biting her nails.

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