Thursday, July 24, 2014

Can't think of a title

Life doesn't stop when you are gone to be with your husband during his surgery and recovery. Boy did I find that out today. Band camp still wanted my daughter there. G and F still were "bored and had nothing to do". The dog still decided she needed to chew her bed. The ants decided today would be the day to come and attack our kitchen. Soccer practice still went on and the kids still whined about it. A tired child still got snappy with me. Laundry still got dirty and dishes still needed washing. I did get to take a 30 minute nap while watching The Venture Brothers. There are worse things one could do with their day.

Tomorrow afternoon S has her first performance with the high school marching band. I'm just a bit nervous and I know she is. Come one by at 4. They say that is when they will start. I'll be the mom biting her nails.

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Home at last

The birthday boy is home, praise The Lord!! I have talked about this before when S was in the hospital for a long stay, but going home is a blessing and concern for me. Dorothy was right, there really is no place like home. BUT, when you or your family member have been at a very vulnerable place of sickness and fear and worry, the hospital staff become like a part of your family. Last night, our nurse did a little dance for B when he reached a new milestone and remembered that he liked chocolate ice cream. She brought him some to get the bad medicine taste out of his mouth. When I was in the hospital with a bug bite gone horribly wrong, the kind nurse brushed my hair...after he brought me an extra yogurt. They see you when you've been crying from pain or loopy from happy juice or angry from incredible pain. Sure, there's always someone who gets nasty, but they are usually few and far between. When I knocked the side mirror of a poorly parked and unattended van in the patient drop off and discharge zone this morning and the valet rushed to make sure I gave him my insurance information(which I would have done anyway though he treated me like a criminal), B's nurse, Patty, came over and hugged me. She told me that the van owners should be ashamed to call since it was in such disrepair and there was no harm done. She hugged me tighter and said my eyes were already heavy enough with exhaustion and crying would only make them swollen. She made me laugh and cry again and was so very kind to the both of us. So while I am happy to be home, I worry about being kicked out of the spine hospital nest with a husband who need so much assistance and I want to help him the best I can. He is doing fine. Walking around and obeying his instructions. He had some spaghetti, ate a piece of his birthday cake, opened some presents and conked out in a fog of meds and exhaustion. Tomorrow is a new day and healing has begun. We are a fortunate bunch.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Well. All the drains and needles(except for the IV) are out of his poor mangled back. I'd put a picture of the carnage up, but I forgot to ask his permission and he is wiped out. He has walked a lot around the floor today. The neuro doc really wanted him to go home, but the ortho doc had the final word. He didn't come in until late, so he gave us the option to stay and aviod a three hour night drive with a temporarily crippled patient. I appreciated that and almost hugged his neck...but I didn't. We are both so anxious to see our family and be in our own bed and smell our smells of home. Thank God for technology and Facetime. We got to see the kids today and talk to them and show them around the hub's suite. We showed them his back and explained what all the stuff meant. Their little faces were so full of concern. Love them!

I am going to brush my teeth and get ready to figure out the most comfortable way to sleep on this sleep sofa. The sofa bed should be used as a torture device, so that will not be used again tonight. I may just sleep across the love seat so it looks like I am a giant. Why not? I can dream of my own bed and pillows and maybe have a few hours sleep tonight. Last night had about 30 minutes of sleep. I can't be zombie wife when driving home tomorrow. I pray our trip is a smooth one.

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Monday, July 21, 2014 is done

My sweet husband is slumbering at this moment and I am going to forego his request to wash his face off with a warm washcloth. The nurse has already informed us that this will not be a night for sleeping. At least not any quality sleep. He has scheduled checks at now 9pm, 11pm, 1am, 3am, 4am and then they stopped giving times. Because of the extent of this proccedure, he has a drain in his incision that has to be checked and emptied every so many hours. The output of this particular drain will be one of the major determining factors as to when he gets to go home. Since his docs are 3 hours away from home, we are not feeling the need to rush anything. We have marveled at the fanciness of this hospital. He is in a suite that is, no lie, twice the size of the roach motel we stayed in last night. Another story for another time, but I will show you their idea of an acceptable soap dish:

Let's just say that my shower in the hospital suite bathroom seemed to almost remove the feeling of whatever was crawling on us last night. We determined, through the course of the day, that the rooms on his hall must have ben labor-delivery-recovery rooms at one time. It is great. He has already had his first walk out of the room and down the hall and back. He was very motivated to do so since that is his ticket to catheter removal. It has yet to come out, but they need him a bit more awake first. I get that. No need more unnecessary messes.

I hope each day he wakes up a little stronger and a little less in pain It is a new that he has needed for so long.

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Short and sweet

Tomorrow B goes to have his second surgery on his back.  Lots of hopes are twisted up into tomorrow.  I am sick at my stomach right now.  99% is nerves.  1% of that is carsickness from taking the in laws on a drive and I am texting in the backseat.  Glurg.  Pray that we can sleep tonight and be ready to face the day tomorrow.  I covet your prayers.  It is going to be hard.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

The nerves are starting

Tonight we had a great time celebrating my little cousin's first birthday. What a sweet and happy little person she is. It was so fun to watch her tear into her pink iced chocolate cake. She attacked it like a boss.

After laughing and eating and playing with some awfully cute babies, we headed home to continue our preparation for the hub's back surgery and recovery. We are putting so much hope in this surgery. It is really hard not to worry about so many things. Are these the right doctors? Is this surgery going to work? Will he ever be out of pain? The children are all handling it in their own ways. G is taking it the hardest. She is so very tender hearted...she is scared for her daddy. She needs some extra hugs for sure. Just pray that our march towards Monday's surgery will be a smooth one. Pray for B and our children. Please.

A funny to leave you with. This is what children do when Dad goes shopping for post surgery slip on shoes for way too long...look at my boy in the background:

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Friday, July 18, 2014

Put my dill where my mouth is...finally

Sooooo, I didn't use the crock that I was so excited about tonight, but I did finally stop talking and started pickling. When I opened the fridge, the cukes were practically jumping into my arms there were so many. I took action, made a makeshift canner from internet instructions since mine(and the specialty canning eye I ordered for our stove)has gone AWOL and started the preparations. S was nice enough to taste a slice of each cuke to make sure they were tasty. I peeled and chopped two heads of garlic and had them ready. We boiled the first batch of brine and spices and let it cool slightly. S and I stuffed the jars with slices and then she abandoned me for a trivial reason like, uh, dinner. Whatever. :0) G took over and ladeled the brine over each jar full and then put the rings on after I pulled the seals out of the boiling water and put them on the jar. She then mixed up more brine to cook as I put the jars in the pot to process. It was quite the operation. The hub walked in from getting dinner to exclaim, "Well my sinuses are clear!". I couldn't be was so very true, but just wait until I make some hot pepper jelly. Better than Afrin, my friends. I am just praying that these work, because I may have to make another batch after surveying the amount of blossoms still on the cucumber vines in the garden. Botulism is not something I want to share with my family. I'll never forget when a friend and I went through the "trash" from a mega rich family in our neighorhood who left a bunch of stuff at the curb when they moved. In it I found an antique brass neckerchief slide for my dad for his Scoutmaster uniform, which really turned out to be a beautiful and valuable thing. I also found some nice and pretty jars with pretty looking peaches and green beans with what must have been, in my 7 year old mind, some blue and green spices to add flavor. And DEATH as my mother pointed out when I set them on the kitchen counter next to the uncooked meatloaf. "Get that out of here and in the trash...and then wash your hands!!!". So hopefully I will have made only pickles tonight and not homemade dill flavored Botulism wrinkle remover in a Ball jar. Yes, I have canned many things before, but never pickles. I won't ask any of my readers to try the first one.

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