Friday, May 29, 2015

Lemonade and FIRE

Our day started at oh dark 3:30am. G left with bunches of other safety patrols at the crack of dawn to go tour Washington DC. She was a little nervous, but excitement was by far the prevailing emotion of the day. They toured the Air and Space Annex today. We just got off the phone with her...a room full of giddy girls. You can imagine the volume level I am sure.

The boy decided he needed to do some work for the community today, so he had a lemonade stand. As anyone with a child who has had this idea knows, the cost of materials usually outweighs the profits of the day. S helped him make his posters and decide on his charity of choice. The community meal at our church is a wonderful program that could always use more funds to help buy food, so he chose it as the lucky recipient of his lelmonade bucks. As he said, he was "helping the community one lemon at a time." Excellent really. He received several generous overpayments from kind strangers and some secretly texted friends and relatives. He made $32.30 for the meal. For a fairly quiet Friday, I call that a pretty good haul for lemonade. He made a delivery up the hill to our neighbor who has hurt her back and to neighbors who were doing yard work. I am ashamed to say it, but I was so thankful when a downpour came and we had to close up shop. My gosh, it was blazing hot outside and 4 hours were enough.

S currently has her buddy over for a sleepover. We came in not long ago from having a fire and s'mores. We tried them with Reese cups this time. Evil. Fire, marshmallows and peanut butter. Evil. When last I left them, they were experimenting with hairstyles and makeup. Who knows what I'll find when I go to wake them up in the morning. Should be fun!

I'm going to bed now. Full days call for full a full night's sleep.

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Thursday, May 28, 2015

A good day

Our day started off in a normal typical fashion. I went to work out and got my rear end kicked...which I deserved. After a little trip to the grocery store and a hot shower to take some of the pain of squats away, we readied ourselves for our much anticipated guests. Instead of trying to explain the different family connections and what person married what other person, I will just say that my two nephews came to visit today. C is here in school at UT and Abraham, who you may remember from some of our past holidays, is living and working in Iowa. He flew in a few days ago to make a trip to Atlanta. Since he is from Nigeria, he had to go to Atlanta to reapply for Visa stuff and all that complicated business to keep him in the country. I ask that you say a prayer that he can stay in the country. He is working so hard and doing so well, but so are many others in his same situation. The slots to be able to get the necessary paperwork and approval give him about a 25% chance to stay in the US. We sure hope he can be in that 25%. Anyway, we had a wonderful day with them, playing basketball and soccer and having lunch and gelatos together. They all had a wonderful time and were so grateful for their attention and kindness. What a great day!

On another note, G leaves tomorrow with scads of other recently graduated 5th graders to go on the AAA Safety Patrol trip to Washington DC. It makes my mom tummy a bit sick to think of her going, but she is going to have a great time. They are in a little isolated bubble and get to have such exciting opportunities. Just say a prayer for her and her safety comrades.

One last thing. A friend contacted me tonight. Her friend's 4 year old daughter has been diagnosed with leukemia. Please pray for her, her family and her doctors. Medicine has come such a long way, but I am sure that is of little comfort for parents processing such devastating news. Thanks to all you prayer warriors out there.

I am going to bed. 3:30 is going to come awfully early, but it is necessary to get a girl to the bus on time. Night all.
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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Play date success

The boy went on his aforementioned play date today. I received a report from the other mom that he was a model guest and used very good manners. He has been quite the sloth upon his return, so I am very thankful for his buddy's ability to wear him out. And when I say out, I mean OUT. He is rallying a bit since it is dessert night and he has a bit of a sugar rush. I imagine that as soon as he is showered and pajama'ed, he will crash hard. The dog had her play date at the dog park, so she will crash soon. It is exxhausting to ward off the advances of male dog who tries to bust a move on your head. She took it like the tough lady she is, but come on, recently neutered boy puppies. Is chivalry dead? The girls have fought all day, so they will crash soon. I have a mystery novel that I have to know the ending of, so I cannot crash...but I am fading fast.

Going to read my book before the chaos of bathtime begins. Night all.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

He will not sleep tonight

With summer comes lots of things: more frequent cookouts, swimming, vacations, VBS, you know, fun things. My son would add one more thing to the list: playing with friends. I should have put that at the top of the list. He got his first invitation to play at a friend's house he's never been to before. I am honestly surprised that you did not hear the huge "WHOOP" from whatever corner of the state or country you reside. He and S, his buddy, have been in class together for 2 years. They are both good sweet boys who are considerate of others, but still manage to be a little devilish and have a great time. We got to know his dad during a field trip and field day. Times have changed since we were little, but you almost have to try parents out before you know whether you can leave your child with them. S's dad and I, along with another mom, survived the Safety City field trip. We all have matching battle scars. I am anxious for the boy to have his play date. He is a little different with different interests. He's used to being around girls since he has two big sisters. His closest friend, D, has been his friend since birth and is also a girl. He has some friends at church who he hangs out with, but not many boys from school has really clicked with him. I'm so glad he will have this opportunity. Here's hoping I don't blow it for him. I am a hermit and am self conscious about our house as I have said before. Most of his friends live in very large and new houses. We live comfortably in a 60+ year old house in a non-cookie cutter neighborhood(not that those are bad). We just like old houses. We have a nice yard and remodeled insides. There's nothing wrong with our house...but I have to get over that. I need to get over that so I don't lose friends for myself or my children. I know I am putting a lot of weight on one playdate, but I hope this is the first of many times they are together. Everybody needs a best buddy.

Night all.

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Monday, May 25, 2015


Today is Memorial Day and it always is a day full of lots of thinking for me. My aunts have always been good to go visit the cemetery and clean off the markers and stones that memorialize our dearly departed relatives. For the past several years, I have made it part of my Memorial Day observances to do the same. My Aunt Edrie, as I have spoken in years past, was in the Navy. We have a few things left from her career as a Yeoman in the Navy and are always proud to place a flag and flowers on her stone, as we do on my grandparents' stones as well. Today the girls went with me to place the flowers. It was very sweet to watch them tend to their relatives' stone and clear the stray weeds away. They placed the flowers and said a little prayer before leaving. As we drove around to leave, we came upon an interesting section of the grounds that had more items placed on the stones than others. We stopped to walk around and pay our respects when we found that the particular section we were in was for the youngest of these who had departed this life far sooner than they should have. We stood in stunned silence as we read the heartbreaking sentiments from parents to their children and said another prayer that their broken hearts would know God's love and comfort. Cemetaries have never been creepy to me at all, but more of a calming place to remember and learn about those who have gone before us. The girls feel the same way. We talked about always being respectful while visiting. We talked about the body and the soul and Heaven and complete healing. It was heavy material, but a learning time. We left and went to our church's cemetery to pay our respects to some church friends there. Sweet baby D, who we talked about a couple of years ago, is there and the girls cleared the weeds off his stone. They talked about what a sweet baby he was and how he must be playing with our dog Cosby up in Heaven. It was a heavy morning, but a sweet one.

The kids had their annual homemade ice cream at a celebration for our little part of our fair city. They listened to some music and the boy climbed a rock wall. Not bad for a Monday.

Now I must go destroy my boy in Blokus. He must be schooled. Night all.

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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Swimsuit hell

My oldest leaves in a week to go on a mission trip. She is very excited and we are as well, but the packing list makes my head hurt a little. They are going on a trip associated with a youth ministry/mission organization and they have fairly detailed requirements for what people can wear. I get it. No one needs to be looking like a hoochie when doing acts in the name of God. Sends a mixed message. But when I have a child who is 13 and lanky. She is closing in on me in height, which is still not tall, but her height and waist size don't really play nice with each other. She could wear a girl's 8-10 shorts...except for the fact that the length would be wildly inappropriate and uncomfortable for even the shorty-shortiest aficionado. So on our quest to find loose, but not too loose, fingertip, but not too much longer shorts, I thought we were going to kill each other. We finally had to settle on boy's shorts which are not the most flattering to a girl's figure...but then we circle back to the "you can't be in mission and look too tight-short-or female" philosophy that this organization adopts. Again, I get it. They are going to be working on the grounds of a group home for troubled kids. Fashion statements are not needed. God's love and light are. Their specifications were also specific about swimsuits. So are the hub's and mine. Again, at her age the line quickly goes from cute to hoochie quickly. Here is my conversation with the hub when S was off desperately trying to find an appropriate suit in another part of the store:

Me: This may take a while. We are now in our 5th store. Unbelieveable.
Hub: So sorry. The boy and I are building his Lego set...we're on page 44 of about 5.5 million.
Me: Wow. Better your eyes than mine.
Hub: True.
Me: The bathing suits we have found either make her look like a streetwalker or a three year old. It is very frustrating.
Hub: I'm okay with the three year old look for a bit longer.
Me: Honey? When I say 3 year old, I mean it would only fit on a three year old...thus reverting the look once again to hoochie status.
Hub: Oh. I see.
Me: I gotta go. I need to get the girl some hydration and a snack. She may smack down a mannequin in frustration.
Hub: Get on that. I'm going to finish this Chima ship and finish watching the Indy 500.
Me: Pray for us both.

Finally, at store number 8, we found a possibility. I hugged her in the swim section and said, "Praise The Lord!!" maybe a bit louder than one might want to in a department store. People looked. I don't care. Mission accomplished. I got to go home and start on my book again...just to find that one of my new favorite characters had gotten shot in the back with a shotgun.

Just send me back to the swimsuit section. I mean, really.

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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Time for me to fly

As I am deciding what to write, REO Speedwagon is playing on the ipad and the kids are contructing items with Legos. We are a super duper party I know. We have had a soccer free day which was so very nice. I love to watch them play, but we have to have some family time. The downtown farmer's market provided a nice morning of shopping, people watching and local buying. The kids enjoyed Cruze Farm ice cream and Soccer Taco for lunch. We visited one of G's teachers who is a server at a super burger place down there. We also saw several school and church friends. Homecoming downtown...kind of like the soccer fields on Saturday. The kids wanted to buy some books, so we went to McKay's and bought several gently used books. Afterwards, we also dove into our literary finds outside on the patio. What a lovely day to read and enjoy nature!

Community Meal at church was tonight, so we helped with that. The kids, as always, were dishwashing machines. The boy gets into his work and tickles us with his excitement as he dumps uneaten food into the trash and pours leftover tea in the sink. He has a servant's heart and I am so humbled by that. His little face just cheers up everybody there. Love it.

Night all. I'm tired.

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